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Masquerade Ball 2010

Masquerade Ball 2010 Relive the intrigue & enchantment of the famous costumed balls of the 16th century courts of Venice. Do dancers have secret identities or does your identity have a secret dancer?Somewhere out there, there's a dancer longing to come out and play. So do a little Samba, figure out a Foxtrot. Life's too short. Embrace the absurd and the unusual. Be a little outrageous. Closet dancers, it's OK. You can come out now. It's safe to dance. In fact, it's down right cool. And you know what? Nobody's watching. But if you still need to hide behind an alter ego or disguise, venture out under cover of your mask to the Masquerade Ball on November 28th. Just do the dance thing. It's magic! Event Date(s): November 28, 2010 Event Time(s): 6 p.m. - 12 p.m. More Information: Event Location: Grand Banquet Centre, 35 Brunel Rd., Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z1N5. Cost: Dinner, Dance, & Show: $85.00 Dance & Show - Tickets: $35.00 Contact Person: Caroline Augustin, 905-272-3262, [email protected] . Masked Formal Event - Be Fancy and Creative Special performances by Artur Adamski and ArielOziewicz. They will be performing in the 2011 Blackpool Competition - "Olympics forDance".. Event Details. Location: 35 Brunel Rd
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