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Fuel Management 101

Fuel Management 101 The Fuel Management 101 workshop gives fleet managers practical advice and tools to help save money on fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With fuel consuming a large part of a fleet's budget, improving fuel efficiency will make your organization more competitive and improve your bottom line. And with emissions standards getting together and more customers looking at the environmental credentials of their suppliers, cutting your greenhouse gas emissions is becoming essential as well. Event Date(s): January 20, 2011 Event Time(s): 8:00am-5:00pm Location: Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute 2025 Courtneypark Drive Mississauga , Cost: $50 for non-members, $30 for members More Information: By participating in Fuel Management 101, you will acquire theskills you need to create and implement a fuel management plan that works for your company, andthen measure and improve on it over time. Fuel Management 101 is a recognized training workshop offered by NaturalResources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency. Who should attend? The Workshop is designed for managers, particularly fleet managers, who are looking for waysto achieve fleet efficiencies and drive down costs. Companies that run mixed fleets,school buses and highway trucks, from owner operators to those with fleets of 500+, can benefitfrom the training. What will participants learn? Fuel Management 101 is a full day workshop that combines classroominstruction with case studies and group work to encourage participants to share experience andskills. Each of the four workshop modules give the participant hands-on training with sampleworksheets and formulas for calculating baseline measures and fuel consumption, fuel reductionopportunities, and actual savings. The workshop facilitator will also provide guidance onhow to put together a clear and actionable fuel management plan to put cost savings intoplace. On completing the workshop, each participant will understand how to: benchmark your fleet; create a successful plan; sell your plan to management; implement your plan; and analyze your results and chart a future direction. Contact: Jennifer Taves 416-661-6600 Event Details. Location: 2025 Courtneypark Drive
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