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Ask an Expert... about Falls Prevention

Ask an Expert... about Falls Prevention The risk of a fall dramatically increases at 40 years of age. A fall is not only painful but can cause a long recovery process and potentially a loss of independence. People fall because their vision has changed or they are not wearing their glasses, medication doses are not followed, inactivity and poor balance, not wearing the correct footwear for the situation and the home environment is unsafe. The panel of Experts will give you tips on how to prevent a fall. You will also be given a booklet of exercises you can do at home to increase your strength and balance. You can help prevent a fall by taking action and learning more. Event Date(s): April 4, 2012 Location: Mississauga Valley Community Centre 1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard Mississauga , Ontario L5A 3R8 Phone: 905-615-4670 Fax: 905-615-4651 More Information: Event Time: 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Event Location: Mississauga Valley Community Centre LC Taylor Auditorium Cost: Free Contact Person: Jayne Culbert at 905-615-3200 Ext. 3718 or Visit: Event Details. Location: 1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard