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Silicon Peel Meetup

Silicon Peel Meetup Learn, interact, and discuss about the topic: 'Leveraging International Talent- How Foreign Professionals Can Bridge the Gap in IT'. Event Date(s):March 27, 2014 More Information:Featured speakers are from the academic sector, SAR Associates, Cracker Jack Word Smiths Inc, and Apex Technology Innovations Inc.They will be discussing issues such as what the specific requirements for skilled immigrants are in order to successfully build a career in the local tech industry, and how can employers, especially small and mid-size business owners, tap into the pool of international talent in Canada?Location: Xerox Research Centre of Canda (PAKE Auditorium)Address: 2660 Speakman Drive, Mississauga, ON L5 K 2 K1 Registration: Event Details. Location: 2660 Speakman Drive,