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Diary of Events and Happenings in Mississauga, Ontario.

Rappin' Up Rebel

Rappin' Up Rebel We are rappin' up Rebel14 with full program of movies, sport, music and a special final performance by Devon Glover, The Sonnet Man. Power Basketball will be running a tournament on City Centre Drive! 4:00 pm - Dress up as your favourite minion to watch ""Despicable Me 2"" on the screens at the Square.5:30 pm - We're showing three winners from the Mississauga Youth Film Festival.6:00 pm - Teen Fresh Air Fitness6:30 pm - ""May the Odds be Forever in Your Favour"" as ""Catching Fire"" burns up the screens at the Square.9:00 pm - Devon Glover performs in the amphitheatre at Celebration Square with the jagged rhythms of rap and the smoothness of rhythm and blues showcasing Shakespeare's sonnets and the story of The Sonnet Man.10:00 pm - Finish the night with a set from Mississauga's hottest Indie band Huge Cosmic. Event Date(s):May 7, 2014 Location:Mississauga Celebration Square 300 City Centre Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5 B 3 C1 Canada Cost:Free. Event Details. Location: 300 City Centre Drive