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South Asian Heritage Festival 2014

TD Mosaic South Asian Heritage Festival of Mississauga (/+) The 9th Annual Art and Culture Festival featuring South Asian music, dance, folk, Bollywood, comedy, theatre and cuisine art will include 20 vendor booths selling exotic merchandise, sponsor booths, 10 restaurants, and children's activities, as well as a visual arts show, a pottery display and hands-on workshops. The 2014 festival will be headlined by popular Bollywood names. Admission is free and (limited) free parking available. Website: Contact: Arshad Mahmood Email: Phone: 416-388-9596 Event Date(s):August 15, 2014 Location:Mississauga Celebration Square 300 City Centre Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5 B 3 C1 Canada Cost:Free. Event Details. Location: 300 City Centre Drive