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CPR Makes You Undead

CPR Makes You UNDEAD Each year thousands of Canadians suffer the effects of a Heart Attack and some die, due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Through CPR training and AED awareness many of these people may have been saved, making them Undead. We call on all Zombies and Ghouls to congregate at Mississauga Celebration Square to experience and practice the skills required to bring someone back to life.Please join St John Ambulance Instructors, as well as Peel Paramedics and Mississauga Firefighters at this family-oriented, costumed event.Contact: St John Ambulance Phone: 905-568-1905 Website: Event Date(s):October 30, 2014 Location:Mississauga Celebration Square 300 City Centre Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5 B 3 C1 Canada Cost:Free. Event Details. Location: 300 City Centre Drive